Patient Consultation


1. Request to Appointment

International patients can request an appointment by fax or online form.
※It is applicable for both new and existing patients.

Request by Fax
+81-3- 4335-0161 

Appointment request・Contact

Download Appointment Request Form

Request Appointment

2. Contact from the Clinic

We will respond to your request by fax or email.
The clinic makes a reservation for an inspection facility (medical scanning) for the patient.
An imaging test by medical scanning is basically conducted on the same day as our consultation.

3. On the day of Consultation

Please come to Shiraishi Spine Clinic.
Our location will be informed at the time of reservation.
An imaging test will be carried out prior to consultation on the same day. Please visit us after completing the test.
We take time about 30 to 45 minutes for a patient to give necessary information and consultation including diagnosis, explanation on the images and treatment.
More than 90% of the new patients who needed surgery had an operation by Dr. Shiraishi.